10 million Reddcoin lottery

Hello Reddheads

Reddroom is running a lottery with a live draw in two days. It is a new idea we are trying out so feel free to give feedback on absolutely anything.

Draw Info:
6 correct numbers : 5 Million split between winners
5 correct numbers : 1 million split between winners 4 correct numbers : 1.5 Million split between winners 3 correct numbers : 2.5 million split between winners

Q: What if nobody wins? A: Should nobody win the main prize it will roll over until next week.

Q: How will the winning numbers be picked? A: We will be live streaming a real draw, think the national lottery in your country but with a twist.

Q: How long is this promotion on for? A: Indefinitely, we will be running a main draw weekly with ever larger prizes.

Q: Why are you doing a lottery? A: 1: Lottery’s are fun and easy for everybody to understand - 2: A shameless excuse to drive people toward reddcoin.

Ticket costs are 100 chips/reddcoin per ticket, you can use your reddroom account to play.

Link here

Drop me a line if you have any questions, good luck :slight_smile:

This is cool. Love the sites new look btw!

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Draw moved to tomorrow.

we ran into a series of problems with broadcasting the draw live today, we have moved the draw to tomorrow once we can broadcast the draw in its entirety without any latency. Apologies for the wait :frowning:

hydrazine Thanks, ran into issues today but we are ready to roll for tomorrow :slight_smile:

I’m in!! :smiley:

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Vuudo How exactly is the draw going to be broadcasted?

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Vuudo nice lottery is easier than poker! :wink:

Wow that’s a big lottery, but I’m surprised you’re not using those Reddcoins as tournament prizes to bring more poker players to Reddroom.

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I can’t seem to buy any tickets, even when there are 6 hours left :confused: I have 300 chips and I choose 6 numbers, but the “Purchase Ticket” button does not change. It still has a ! when I hover over it :confused:

Vuudo How to reclaim a ticket?

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Hello everyone live draw was completed yesterday via live stream. The winning numbers where:


We are busy verifying and confirming all the winning tickets your Reddcoin will be deposited into your reddroom account, and can be withdrawn from your account page as usual.

Apologies for not responding to your messages sooner it has been one hell of a ride getting all the pieces in place for the draw.

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Vuudo No problems! :wink:

How are the payments coming along? I know I have some winners, but no payout just yet.

Do you have a list of prizes per winning amount of numbers yet?

Hello everyone, payments will be done within the next 30 min .

Results are as follows.

Total tickets sold: 5683

4 numbers: 5 ticket winners - 300 000 per winning ticket
3 numbers: 117 ticket winners - 21367 rdd per winning ticket

Dan Hello, just posted a reply :slight_smile:

Vuudo Sweet, thanks for the update!

Vuudo WOW thanks mate! Next time I wouldn’t mind to be punished with the first prize!!

See this is something that I have more incentive to play! :smiley: