100,000 RDD for a gray phoenix logo

Hi folks,

I’m in need of a logo to use here on RCT and I’m hoping that someone in the community might be willing to draw one for me. I’m offering a 100,000 RDD reward for the best original logo that’s representative of my name (GrayPhoenix).

What I’d like is a gray-colored phoenix looking toward the sky with wings outstretched. The logo space here is circular so I’d love for the wings to bend to hug the border. I don’t mind feathers but I’m not crazy about fire - I’d rather have it all gray.

Here are a few examples that are not far off from what I’m looking for:


I’ll leave this topic open for two weeks so that anyone who would like to submit a logo has time to do so. To enter just embed your entry or post a link. Logos on RCT have a 256kb limit.

On Monday 1/26/15 I’ll pick my favorite from any available submissions and send 100,000 Reddcoins to the winner. If there are multiple submissions then the remaining contestants will get to split another 50,000 Reddcoins. Multiple entries per person are allowed.

I had a quick play around


I altered one of the pheonix you liked, made it slightly 3d and added a light affect


BrownSlaughter Very nice! The first submission and it’s a good one :slight_smile: Though I might be inclined to give the edge to a totally drawn-from-scratch entry if one came along.

Just a reminder - the contest ends next Monday. All entrants are guaranteed at least a share of the 50,000 RDD runners up prize. The winner will receive 100,000 RDD.

The contest has now ended. Congratulations to BrownSlaughter - 100,000 RDD has been sent to your address!

Thanks for creating the winning image! It looks pretty darn good and I’m glad to finally have an avatar of my own. I might hold another contest at some point to try to get a completely original logo, but I’m excited to try this one out and I like the work you did on it. Cheers!


Thank You very much. I would have liked to have seen some more community creativity but they all seemed busy :frowning:

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BrownSlaughter I think a lot of folks are working on their own projects, but that’s a good thing :slight_smile:

GrayPhoenix I would have tried, but I can’t draw :< hahah

I can Draw but I’m just to dame lazy : ]