10K RDD for New Users[Closed]


I will be giving out 10k ReddCoin to every new user who joins the ReddCoin community and is active within a week if joining.

So I will be sending out 10K ReddCoin to evry new user who is active and support and participates enthusiastically on the forum or on Reddit.

Add your address for tipping

I will select top 5 new users and tip them evry Friday.
To win just keep posting spreading the word etc.

Who are already active guys spread the word and lets make it big.

I’m a noob here

Newbie here as well…

itsjohnny AXF
Hye Welocme to ReddCoin
I would be delighted to give that 10k to you for starts,but I would like to be active here and if you are you get your 10k RDD at Friday 6pm IST.

If you have any questions post them right here.

I posted a question about the chrome extension wallet(still in BETA).
I know many people are interested in solving this problem and also a lot of coin is out of the market and trapped inside that wallet, makin it unusable and untradeable. Please take a look in this matter, whenever you have some time.
Thank you

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First 10k going out today at 6pm IST

10 k goes
I am going to send them on your address directly.
Be active and Kepp earning

Coins received! Thank you very much.
I ll try to keep busy, troubleshooting-suggesting-helping.

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Guys sorry I wasn’t able distribute the prize on Friday but Now I am

As the only current new user still active is AXF you get another 10k congratulations

hi. i wasa when will work purse?
RDD RgnxJfkY2mTctc99gnWtnCUCgxm7JkzvWM
I am with you!

As this thread was going slow so skipped the last. Friday sorry but as it keeps picking up I will give 20k on next Friday so keep posting.

I am also counting posts on Reddit so keep the same username or inform me through Reddit.

New user here.

I never get tip on reddcointalk forum :slight_smile:

Won’t lie came here for the free reddcoin. Btw have to ask, are there any factors for staking, e.g. if I just leave my redd in my wallet for ten years without ever spending it, would it take slower to stake than if I sent say 2k to a friend and then received the same amount - so basically would the time coins stay in ones wallet effect staking in anyway?

Also here’s my address

Onplanetearth Welcome
Please contact Redshift he has better knowledge about staking than me.

i love reddcoin

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Mrlolo sure you do…

AkshatBahety I’m still here. :slight_smile:

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Okay guys Friday is here so I am going to start tipping you in few minutes.