2M rdd lost?

Sent 116k to bittrex last June, now I check back my wallet and apparently that transaction was 116k to bittrex and 1.89M to some other address.


Is it because I’m using my original wallet from 2014 and didn’t keep that wallet from last june after that transaction? That other address with the 1.89M was in fact mine? Any way to recover it?

Unfortunately you are right.
These 1.89M were sent to a change address which is only known by your wallet from last june.
Everything will be lost forever if you’re not able to recover it.

What happened to your wallet that you are using this old one?

I keep my wallets in cold storage and always thought they acted as a “master key”. So when i want to make a transaction (rarely) I just install a client and its bootstrap, make the transaction, delete it all.

Thing is, I don’t even remember those 2 transactions. Surely if I saw 2M sent instead of 100k I’d have investigated why :confused:

Let’s have a look at this Transaction.

I had 1.618RDD on my old address (Rb7qTBdcm8sDTVsjZeYjWPVcWYSN8qLNpa)
The blockchain technology doesn’t allow it to just send 18RDD and leave 1.600RDD where they are.
The whole amount have to be moved like a banknote.
You can’t just cut it in half and keep one piece.
Instead you give it as one piece away and receive a new banknote with a lower value.
But you have to specify per “coin control” where this new note (or 1,89M in your case) have to go or your wallet software will decide that on its own.

In my case 18RDD were sent to its target address (Rr2AyYfHnDwhNpauo4MYVsyU4TqF1ShNfA) and the rest of 1.600RDD are on a newly generated change address now. (Rbg67ChHQmqu18AeFyMy6Jbk3xvZbfhAoe)
I don’t know why it was not sent back to the old address but I think this has to do with some kind of tamper protection.
An old backup of my wallet has no way to know about this new address.
So i have to make a new backup or send the change to a previously known address.

bertyy : Sorry to hear that, dude. I once was irritated too because I hadn’t realized how this change address things works.

So, I had to give back one of my work laptops which I hadn’t used for a while. I logged in to move whatever was on it before giving it back, and see the Reddcoin wallet shortcut right in the middle of the desktop… I instantly know I’ve just recovered 2M coins :smiley: In retrospect, I remember having problems with the wallet on my home rig so I used that laptop to sync the wallet and make that damn transaction. Funny how the brain doesn’t works sometimes.

Just some feel good story, sorry for reviving that silly thread.

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