500,000 RDD for helping with implementing a script

TL/DR: I am looking for a person who can help me implementing a script using Protovis for 500,000 RDD.

EDIT: corwin is looking at it right now, we try to figure it out and I keep you updated!

Hi there, I have a technical request and I wonder if someone here could help me out. I am trying to implement a script that visualizes co-occurences in a textcorpus but I found that even with intensive googling won´t help me, because I don´t have enough technical background.

This is the solution that I want to use (with my two of my own texts in txt or rtf format):

I contacted the author and asked for some advise and he sent me a lot of helpful stuff, yet not „simple“ enough for me. This is his mail:

Sometimes when I go back and look at some of the code I’ve written I say, “Oh my God! I wrote that!?” This is one of those times. Where in the world did I find and how did I have the energy and focus to create such a thing? Creativity can be a wondrous thing. But that is another story…

Protovis is/was a Javascript visualization library, but active development has ceased, and my code does not even use the latest version. [1] What I did was to build my application from an example force-directed layout. [2] The version of Protovis I used is no longer supported, and the whole thing has moved. The new version has been re-named D3.js, and you can see their newer implementation of the force-directed layout in an example. [3, 4]

Attached are two files. The first is miserables.zip. Uncompress it and open miserables.html in your Web browser. The result should be very similar to the new implementation. [4]. The hardest part about getting the thing to work is the creation of the data file — miserables.json — and quite frankly, I can’t find any descent documentation describing its structure. Embarrassing. Try a Google search. [5]

The second file is network-diagrams.zip. Uncompress it and you will find all of the code for my Infomotions implementation. I requires a whole lot of infrastructure: Perl, JQuery, Protovis, etc. If you are lucky you can put the whole thing on a Web server, and then using your Web browser open any one of the files in the bin directory. Chances are it will break because the necessary infrastructure is not complete on your end. If you do get it to work, then you can simply change the contents of the files in the etc directory to evaluate different texts.
‘Hope this helps. Keep in touch. Good luck, sincerely.

[0] post - http://infomotions.com/blog/2011/01/visualizing-co-occurrences-with-protovis/
[1] Protovis - http://mbostock.github.io/protovis/
[2] force-directed layout - http://mbostock.github.io/protovis/ex/force.html
[3] D3.js - https://github.com/mbostock/d3/wiki
[4] new implementation - http://bl.ocks.org/mbostock/4062045
[5] Google search - http://bit.ly/1DE6D0b

To the one who can do the implementation for me I will pay 500,000.

Send you a pm with my personal email account… :slight_smile:

Thanks Elkan for hellping me out here! Reddcoins already lifted off to you.