503 Error's on Reddit

Is it just me or is Reddit ‘‘fail to load’’ happening more than…say…last year…I seem to get that A LOT lately
Anyone else in the world getting that?

Reddshift Happens like 50% of the time on my side, especially in the evening.

It happens sometimes. Remember that most of the server capacity of reddit is funded by the users. There is the possibility to donate via reddit gold to help them to buy more server capacity.

ReddcoinRocks There is the possibility…but to be honest…its pretty unlikely…given my personal financial projections. I calculate that I need to reduce my monthly outgoing by 41% and increase my monthly net income by 38% in order to maintain my current lifestyle of RAMEN noodles and Kraft Dinner.
High speed web access was the first to go,followed by Satellite and Cable TV. Unless there is some positive traction in the Bitcoin market I can see weekly buying cut to bi-weekly or perhaps even monthly instead. Yes yes hard times in the land of plenty. Its easier to save a dollar than to make one, so my chances of giving Reddit anymore gold is slim. I did once when I first joined but only once.