A blog post I think many people in our community can relate to


The whole four part series about Elon Musk’s endeavours is great, but part IV really reminded me of how the crypto community works.

We all see a giant potential in the possibilities blockchains provide us with even though the established monetary systems look down on it. Even within the crypto community we have many “conservatives” who believe Bitcoin is the only true crypto coin because it was the first, and I am therefor proud to be a small part of a community working on something we think can be great no matter what the general crypto community thinks at this point in time. I love seeing so many people come together working on an idea not yet realised instead og just following adoption of some already established technology. I think POS is way better than POW and if POW and what mostly makes people look down on it is the fact that POW came first. Reddcoin may not have startet out as more than a funny, cool social coin, but at this point it is something else. It is dedicated people working on a coin with little perceived value, because they (as I) see something that simply can be a better way of using blockchain technology.

I may have repeated my self a couple of times, but to sum up: Reddcoin has great innovative ideas and I am proud to be part of a community thinking outside the box, whilst not being held down by the short history of blockchains and the conservatives in the crypto world.

Redd This is a great write up,
I enjoyed reading through the series and it speaks volumes.
For anyone who lacks motivation or drive to do something should take the time to read through.
I can relate to a lot of this personally

Thanks for sharing