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interesting articles, 'i dont think however Satoshi would be this stupid, not because of the transcripts but why would he go to a live interview without preparing a believable backstory?

Redd It is an interesting end of year 2015

Retracting my prior comment after watching this https://youtu.be/LdvQTwjVmrE

Does anyone here know when he starting showing up at conferences?

You have to ask yourself for what reason they kicked his doors in and took all his stuff.
Tesla, and a few other innovators have faced the same treatment. You need to ask yourself why this and why now, what are they hoping to find? THE KEYS to the KINGDOM?

Redshift There are no keys, besides the private ones holding the large stash…it’s a community, a revolution, something beyond a single entities’ control…

Could ‘they’ be afraid.
They being the government

Now un-retracting my earlier deleted comment after reading this - seems he may be a criminal nutter (criminal in the literal rather than moral sense) - https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/3w9xec/just_think_we_deserve_an_explanation_of_how_craig/ This is quite a smokescreen to create around his tax avoidance activities.

When he starts pretty much bragging about losing count of all his degrees in the video, that sounded a bit odd for Satoshi.

But that in itself is evidence of nothing! :slight_smile:

Here is some more recent reading on the subject:



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