A couple of updates

For those passing by today, may have found the site was having a couple of issues (offline).

This started with me adding an additional script to the site (check upper right corner) for recent updates.

Although not directly caused by the script, I found that nodejs which this site runs under had a incompatibility with Chrome > 55 and was causing some load issues after a restart.

Nodejs has been upgraded, and site is operating normally

Always great with visibility Gnasher and loving the amount of updates recently!

Regarding the improvement update. Are these tweaks the final polishing work before rolling it out, or are there still some major things that need doing? I am having a bit of difficulty with keeping track on where ReddID is, like could it roll out within a week and it is just a question of making the best possible first impression, or is there still coding being done in order, for instance, to make facebook implementation possible? Is there a lot of work that needs to be done on every social network or will a template work for both twitter and facebook for instance?

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I am trying to keep the momentum :slight_smile:

For the updates, it is a bit of both, tweaking and core activities…

The challenge is at what point do you say it is good enough to give to the community…

There is 3 principle things i am looking at.

  • Redd-ID
  • Social Network integrations
  • Creating the decentralised tipping experience

As a whole this would be the beginning of Social-X, but individually they don’t provide a lot of functionality.

My goal is to provide enough in the first release that has the WOW factor, and build from there.

So I guess a big question is whether to release Redd-ID alone and allow the ID land grab to start, or release it with a first social integration so it can be used fully in one of its principle intended use cases. And I write “intended” advisedly because you can bet there will be a load of unintended uses too :wink:

The change log is a nice feature!

henry social integration is necessary I think. Just making an ID system isnt really unique or impressive at this point. I dont think however it needs to provide much more than a way to tip someone on facebook for instance. It is not bad to get a lot of improvements over the month after the release, it will just create some hype which isnt bad in it self :slight_smile:

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