A few concerns about Reddcoin

Because of the insanely massive attention Reddcoin has gotten over the past few days, I would like to write down some concerns about this coin.

In no particular order:

The new team (https://www.reddit.com/r/reddCoin/comments/76c9xb/introducing_team_reddcoin), what are they doing really? There’s 9 people in the team and I believe there were 2 more people added? What is everyone’s task? Why do we not see these guys reply on Reddit, Reddcointalk, or other sites? They remain silent, too busy at work maybe? A reply from a dev from time to time would be appreciated by the community.

Reddcoin is labeled as the SOCIAL coin, yet, it is not very social. There is hardly any communication on Twitter, Facebook or other social media channels.
There are people whining on Facebook to get answers with their wallet questions, yet, nobody from the team answers them. Why is there no interaction with your fans/supporters??? Same thing on Reddit, the place is swarmed by new people asking all kinds of stuff -> nobody replies. What a good impression :slight_smile:

The Steam Network petition: really great initiative but as I pointed out, there are typos in the info: https://www.reddit.com/r/reddCoin/comments/7i8psu/reddcoin_integration_to_the_steam_network_petition/dqxx8ye/
How in the hell is this still not updated??? You try to be professional but refuse to update these typos in there.

I understand the team is not looking for quick pump n dumps and maybe this is the reason why there is no news or interaction with supporters?

The Twitter: come on, use it. It’s simple as fuck. Retweet, use hashtags, whatever. JUST USE IT. Put someone in charge of it!!! As I mentioned before, have you seen Digibyte’s promotion lately?
That is unreal. They have accounts for different countries, each operated by different persons obviously. Search for the tag #digibyte and you’ll get 100’s of (re)Tweets about DGB.

The release of ReddOnline: https://www.reddcointalk.org/topic/1661/redd-online-windows-launcher-released-13-12-2017
No mention at all.

The dev team must clearly know that there is something really wrong, right? We all have Facebook and Twitter so atleast one of them must see that the team isn’t doing very well, social-wise?

Ah well… I can continue for a few more minutes but unfortunately, I have to peel my shrimps for dinner.

I share the exact same concerns. The CEO is doing a pore job at social media for a social coin… Makes me worried that we are just enriching a team of devs who just put a good looking coin together. Can the team actually respond or give the keys to the project to a team that actually wants to see this succeed?

wittaz Agreed they tweet whenever there is a major update, just have someone in charge who shares small updates or retweets a meme once in a while.

I wanted to mention on the markets Coinbase and Bittrex questions also go unanswered. I would assume that is the way it is for now with most coin buying and selling. Most answers will be computer generated in Q&A.

Hey all, im new to Reddcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. Still in the process of (quick) syncing my wallet and hope to buy my first Reddcoins soon. Unfortunately all exchanges i could fins that trade in Reddcoin are currently not accepting new registrations.

Despite the mentioned concerns in this topic, i am very excited about Reddcoin and what it stands for! Hopefully i can soon get my hands on my first Reddcoins!