A lot more action on this forum recently

when I first joined a couple months ago this board was dead. A lot of new members and a lot more activity. It is a great sign for the coin and the community

Lol. If it was a good sign then the price would be going up… heads up… its not!

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not exactly not if someone with a lot of coin is keeping price low its not inconceivable. Many here are following mainstreaming practice keeping price low until the first major release. If a coin isnt huge and its a cheap coin you dont go in with expectations some people arent just worried about their bottom line.

Mind you Fruchocs signature is his rdd address go figure…

dddthemachine I just joined the community recently and reason why is because i believe this coin is capable of becoming the currency for social media. I dont know much about the tech behind it all but i honestly like the idea of Redd-idd the things you could do with that. I hope it will go mainstream eventually with youtube, facebook and etc that would be great!