A new Doge place with much wow.


Look what one of the people in the Doge world has created. A social media site similar to FB but with a Doge tipping platform built in.

Yikes, this is pretty bad. Typical dogecoin development.

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nice idea, but that site need much improvement and bug fixing.

iisurge It is still technically in beta.

While I do admire the ambitions of such a project, I would imagine it would take a lot of time and money to maintain properly if it ever managed to attract a fair amount of people but it will never be used by more than a handful of doge enthusiasts.

BrownSlaughter possibly true, but only time really knows that answer. Either way it shows dedication and conviction to Doge by the person that set it up. Which was mainly my point about posting it here. To show members here that with enough dedication and conviction anything is possible with a coin really.

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DogeDump That’s what I was thinking. Nobody will use this long term.

ReddFather And the same can be said about any site for any sort of cryptocoin as well. For once the newness of the site wears off people will forget they are even members of it and just buy/sell/trade the coins and not care what is happening beyond that point.

Even this place could see the same thing happen over time.