A taste of the Reddheads newsletter - issue 10, a Reddcoin Recap

(This is a sample of the content published in the Reddheads newsletter. The format of the newsletter differs.)

Highlights of an amazing year
published 11/12/2014

As the year begins to draw to a close and we reach a small milestone with the Reddheads newsletter (welcome to the tenth in the series), we take a quick look back over the subjects covered since the launch of the first newsletter on 8 October. But there is more to review than the newsletter, of course! It is a good time to list some of the key developments in the Reddcoin project. So what has been achieved since the launch of Reddcoin at the outset of 2014?

(the following list is non-exhaustive and not necessarily in chronological order)

  • The Initial Public Coin Offering was carried out in a highly professional manner, using carefully-conceived calculations to ensure fair distribution, genuine investment and market reslience.

  • The Reddcoin subreddit was created. To complement the forum a wealth of information, links, features and sub-sections were also put together.

  • The logo went through a process of redesign; Reddcoin set the bar extremely high among competitors, in terms of professional branding.

  • A plethora of “traditional” wallets beginning with QT wallets (several iterations) and also including a unique Reddcoin social wallet with social feeds, IRC, etc., have been released.

  • The launch of a host of official websites and pages including for example www.reddcoin.com and the community site www.reddheads.com. Today these sites are updated on a regular basis, to include features such as videos, FAQ sections, a blog, brand assets, etc.

  • Reddcoin Broadcast, a stand-alone social marketing tool for the Reddcoin community and others, was created by the team.

  • The Reddcoin tip platform, covering Reddit, Twitter and Twitch TV, was released to overwhelmingly positive reviews.

  • Third-party services such as ReddAPI, providing interfacing between Reddcoin and other third-party developers, were launched.

  • Reddcoin’s Lead Dev Larry Ren published his PoSV White Paper, announcing a new algorithm designed to secure the Reddcoin network while encouraging the use of Reddcoin.

  • The implementation of PoSV. The hard fork went off without a hitch, a rare achievement in the wider history of cryptocurrency projects.

  • The release of the Reddcoin official video, further cementing Reddcoin’s lead in branding professionalism.

  • The creation of the Reddcoin Wiki, a carefully organised compilation of diverse information about Reddcoin.

  • Announcement of the next major phase in the Reddcoin project, Social X. The focus of Social X is a completely new architecture to allow a broad range of fully decentralised services encompassing payments, ID registration, a next-generation tip platform for a series of major social networks, decentralised apps and more.

  • A revamp of Reddheads, including among other things the launch of a mailing list and a regular newsletter. The Reddheads newsletter is the most frequent and diverse newsletter being published by an individual cryptocurrency project today.

  • The launch of a block explorer and official APIs, Reddsight.

  • The release of Reddcoin Electrum wallets, as the initial stage of Social X.

  • More Social X in the form of a video teaser showing the cornerstone of the next generation tipping platform in an advanced stage of development; the Reddcoin Electrum browser wallet.

Writing the above list, the difficulty of doing justice to the project, to the team and to the community quickly becomes apparent. There has been so much hard work put into the project in such a short space of time, that capturing every detail in a single article is not really feasible. Suffice to say that for every point listed above, hundreds of hours of hard work have been put in by the dedicated and skilled people who make up the team. There are other points that could be added to the list. And that’s not to mention the fantastic energy put in by the community to develop a wide range of third-party services covering payments, games, faucets, e-commerce, and many others. It is difficult to see how the combined efforts of the core team and the wider community could have done a better job in setting up the Reddcoin project for the year 2015 and beyond.

The Reddheads newsletter aims to report on all aspects of the Reddcoin project, including official work carried out by the core team and the brilliant projects being launched by the community. Here is a recap of what was covered in issues 1-9.

Reddibrek, chief editor


The Reddheads newsletter, issues 1-9

Issue 1 - Interview with Laudney

To mark the launch of the Reddheads newsletter, Reddcoin lead dev Laudney answers some questions about the new Reddsight block explorer and APIs. We learn that Reddcoin is the first major PoS project to provide such a level of functionality. Laudney also explains his strategy regarding Social X, confirming that he is already coding the project.

Issue 2 - Decentralisedteachingandlearning.com

The first of a series of interviews focusing on third party services that are adopting and implementing Reddcoin. The director of an educational website explains how Reddcoin’s immunity to the centralising effects of PoW algorithms, and its social aspects, attracted him to adopt the currency for his website.

Issue 3 - Bigreddmachine

To launch the Reddcoin dev series of articles and interviews, the chief editor of the Reddcoin Wiki and the author of the Bigreddgumbot, Bigreddmachine (aka researcher and aerospace engineer Mike), is the first to step up to the mark and answer questions as a way to introduce himself to the community.

Issue 4 - reddcoin.co.uk

In October the Reddcoin community is happily taken by surprise by the ninja-launch of a new Reddcoin fan site, reddcoin.co.uk. In the fourth issue of the newsletter, website creator N_reddcoin describes how he quit his IT job in London to focus on technical projects, including the colourful and fun new website for Reddcoin enthusiasts!

Issue 5 - Laudney’s progress update

At the outset of November Laudney releases an update on Reddit, explaining the progress made on the second major phase of the Reddcoin project, Social X. At the end of an impressive article, readers learn that the upcoming tip platform, the first-ever decentralised tip platform in the world, “already supports the top 13 social networks”.

Issue 6 - UsernameNotLongEnoug

The second installment of the Reddcoin devs series introduces readers to the man working on one of the key pieces of Social X, the Electrum browser wallet. The philosopher-dev confesses his appreciation for the works of Kant, Russell and Nietzsche, and teaches us about the Ethiopian origins of his favourite inspirational beverage, coffee!

Issue 7 - Launch of Reddibrek’s

I am grateful to be able to introduce subscribers to the Reddheads mailing list to a new Reddcoin-only e-commerce store that I have launched. Reddibrek’s sells a range of coffee, chilli and chocolate at competitive rates and offers free gift wrap on all orders. The store uses Litepaid as payment provider to process Reddcoin payments.

Issue 8 - Raising Reddroom

Another new arrival on the Reddcoin games scene warrants another newsletter! On this occasion Vuudo, the creator and director of the Reddcoin poker site www.reddroom.com gives readers a peek into how he runs his website, and explains why he chose Reddcoin as his in-game currency: “The team behind Reddcoin is in a class of their own”.

Issue 9 - Raid5

For the last Reddheads newsletter the focus is back on the team, as the dev working on the foundation and UI for the upcoming iOS wallet explains his work on both Android and iOS development. We also gain an insight into his interests; attentive readers note Raid5 and Laudney’s shared appreciation of the author Neal Stephenson (see issue 1).

Nice review. Keep up the good work Reddibrek. I hope things are going well for Reddibrek’s too as the holiday season heats up!


bigreddmachine Thanks Bigredd!

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Great work! I love these newsletters, I’ve read almost all of them