A wild Marketing Opportunity appears: ReddRoom hosting a 10MRedd giveaway

Hey guys i just saw over on twitter that ReddRoom is hosting a huge reddcoin giveaway. This giveaway will obviously be mainly beneficial to ReddRoom but also to reddcoin bringing in new players to its economy. Im going to RT this there tweets about the giveaway and I think everyone here should two its probably one of the best/effortless marketing schemes we can help out in :slight_smile:

Here is their twitter https://twitter.com/ReddroomPoker and currently the website https://reddroom.com/ is down for maintenance for what id assume is updates for the giveaway.

Did you watch that hand…1 Million Dollars…Ace’s v Aces…so sick…10m in Chips Gone to a Heart Flush…its like the epic bad beat of the ages…not really its Aces on Aces…BAD BEAT would be to have Aces and lose to to Quad Deuces…lol still what a great hand to watch…