Active Connection Count is Up!

I have seen as many as 32 Connections but usually its just 8 so to see 19 makes me happy

Not at home so can’t check 'till monday, but 30+ connections per node is not bad at all… IIRC the BTC XT drama took 50 clients per node as a rough baseline for bandwidth calculations but since i’m pretty much oblivious to the cryptoworld as of late i could certainly be wrong.

In any event active node count is pretty low, and so is network weight. But that is something that was to be expected anyway.

EDIT: The forum is not very mobile friendly…

Seems we’re still on a downtrend

Henry take a look around you. There is no down, there is only up.
We are going to find some developers and maintain and improve what we can.
Reddcoin is a solid foundation for development. People are interested in this project and for good reason. Don’t let the facts of the current situation blind you to the possibility for future success. Reddcoin is here to stay,

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I don’t disagree with you. I was simply reporting that the graph seems to indicate a longer term decreasing trend for node count. But I agree with you that about now is a transition point where the line can break upwards again :slight_smile:

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