Advertising of reddcoin

Hey reddcoin team, why you forgot to spread your new idea in world by advertising. I understand this coin have an unique speciality which don’t need any advertising. But first no one accept new ideas. So you just have to advertise it on YouTube, coinmarketcap sites extra. Clearly describe people that what can they do with this coin.
And this is every guys responsibility if they understand rdd and believe in its future, they should advertise itself. If you can’t do please tip me amouyas much you can afford i will advertise on YouTube with help of popular youtuber. So guys everything start with you… DO OR LET ME DO.

Rambhajan99 I agree with your belief but I also understand that no one wants to do anything for free, even if it’s an idea or new creation they believe to be valuable.

it would cost’s money to do a marketing campaign, so that may be one reason to why it hasn’t been a strong marketing push yet(?). but I personally have mentioned on my social media accounts about my recent investment into Reddcoin but if I do not turn any profits with it, it will be hard to convince my friends and peers to also invest within RDD. I am constantly checking my portfolio and as soon as I make a substantial ROI, I’ll post screen caps on my social media to show my friends and peers that cryptocurrency and in particular, RDD is a worthwhile venture.