After recovering my wallet and sending coin - my wallet address changes every time?

Hey Everyone.

Recovered my wallet from a bad harddrive (I actually was able to get all the files including wallet.dat, blockchain, etc)

Ran a fresh install of reddcoin core 64 bit, dropped my blockchain, wallet, etc into the reddcoin folder. It synced the last x days it was missing from the blockchain and all seems good to go.

I sent a test amount to a user - it went through, and I was able to receive as well.

My wallet shows my balance, which is good - but when I look at the block chain, I see my entire balance moving everytime I send a coin?

As an example - I sent 10 redd to a test wallet, and I see the rest of my balance shifting to another address.

I can dumpprivkey for this address and import it. My question is - why is this happening everytime I send a coin? Are my coins safe? Is this a feature of reddcoin now?
Also, does sending coin cause my coins to no longer be mature?


1, Yes, it is safe. It is normal. This is called HD (hierarchical determination) and is a safety feature both in bitcoin and RDD;
2. No. Only holding increases maturity,


Thanks Rusty - Has this been a feature since Day 1? (In fairness, I’ve only ever held and staked - never sent before today)

So regardless of how many transactions I do, and my wallet address changing through hierarchical determination - if I keep my wallet.dat intact, my balance will always be accurate and accessible?

Why can I dumpprivkey and import it everytime? I dont want 100s of addresses xD

Samuraizero The private key is the same. The wallet holds all addresses.
In the beginning HD was not there it is relatively new - less than 1 year ago they introduced it.
Your balance will be the same, just the sending address will be different.
Keep in mind that you can receive coins to all old addresses as well.

RustyNail Thank you sir - greatly appreciate it. Had a mini heartattack when I saw that happening.

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