Amount staked + best light wallet

Hi, I am new to the community :slight_smile:
I bought some reddcoins few weeks ago and I am holding them in Bittrex. Now I have decided to hold them for long and I would like to set up a wallet on my pc.

Which wallet is the best, easy to use, to stake and light…?

My other question is… how much % of stake we can get? 5% of all the coins I own?

Thanks for your help!

cryptoup yh you will get approx. 5% of your total coin a year.

Many thanks for the reply.
Any easy wallet to set up for staking?

cryptoup I’m not sure, I’m currently using the core wallet, which took a day and half to sync. But I’m sure the link to the files is on here somewhere, this would save you alot of time on the sync.

Thanks for the reply

cryptoup for staking, core wallet is the one