And If this where your last day on earth...

If this where your last day on earth, would you have got your last will set up so you can give them your rdd.
Would you have already teach them how to back up the wallet.dat into a usb, to then upload it so they can sell the rdd when it reaches a good value?

I plan on doing this will my liltle sisters. I will be teaching them how to use rdd, how the wallet works, and how they can sell or use rdd. Idealy they would get a alt coin debit card so they can keep earning from the staking. But it is our duty as holders to also put it in our will. Because to be Rdd is my only valuable. it is the only thing i hold that can grow in value. thus potentially ensuring my familly wealth, and stability.

of course in the will i will show the password. since it will be encrypted for security measures,

I also would ask you to encourage others to do this as well.

have a good one.!

You know…maybe a “Will.Log” file might not be a bad idea. Teach whoever has to deal with my computer (and internet history…) how to get my digital coin stash ( as well as erase my hard drive…)…