Android staking wallet available!

/misleading title. LOL.


This is a rather brief tutorial on how to run a reddcoin daemon/wallet on almost any Android device (even a $10 phone).

You need some basic linux knowledge but not that much; if i have done it pretty much everyone could! You still need some technical skills though, so if anything mentioned in here sounds too difficult for you better to stay safe.

Things you’ll need:

  • A rooted Android device w/ at least 512Mb RAM (1Gb prefferably)
  • A computer and SSH client (or VNC if you want GUI)
  • Possibly a Class 10+ 8Gb+ microSD card (4Gb will work but just barely), not required if your internal flash memory has enough free spàce.
  • Also optional, the latest bootstrap.dat file to speed up the sync process.

Most of the credit goes to /u/sebasien since this tutorial is based almost entirely on his raspy one. Shame on me!

So let’s get started. Go to the Play Store and download Linux Deploy. It really is that simple; it lets you run almost any Linux distro that has been compiled for ARM in a chroot environment, meaning it runs natively alongside Android (to the best of my n00b’s knowledge) so you will be able to use your device normally. Once installed you need to select which distro you want, size and location of the partition, username and password, GUI environment (or not), etc. It’s all up to you which distro you want, but for simplicity’s sake i’ve chosed Debian Wheezy and “root” as username (otherwise you may have trouble sudoing).

It can take some time if the device is old, but i’ve done this on a Galaxy S4 i had lying around and in about 15 minutes i was already in busines. YMMV obviously. Anyway, once Linux Deploy has finished with the install, you can hit the Start button and SSH into it from your computer. Then you should just follow the aforementioned tutorial (starting at Step 4) but keeping some things in mind:

  • You need to install some stuff first (sudo apt-get install git build-essential libboost-dev)
  • In step 4.1 of the tutorial you’ll need to replace “libboost1.50-all-dev” with “libboost1.49-all-dev”
  • If you want to stake on the go you probably want to install screen

…and that’s pretty much it. You now have a fully working staking wallet running 24/7 on VERY little juice! Portable, moreover. :slight_smile:

NOTE: You may want to run the daemon alone (no GUI); if so, just stop at step 7 of the tutorial and launch it with “./reddcoind”. You can then unlock it for staking with “./reddcoind walletpassphrase X 999999999 true” with “X” being your wallet password.

Let’s get those old phones and tablets staking!


Didi Nice writeup… good work