Android wallet

Hey guys.
Who is responsible for creating of android wallet? As I remember, someone had some progress in codding of one. So, who knows at what stage is developing?
I asked it, because why some Russian companies are ready to adopt and use Reddcoin for daily transaction, but they need this killing app…

Arti Arti You know there are all kinds of Android Apps advertising on the web,nothing official from Reddcoin, but I can find at least three or 4 that claim they support Reddcoin transactions.

Redshift Arti , I believe lionzeye is working on an android wallet.
If you are looking for options there are several available. I have been using coinomi.

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Gnasher I have seen a few Android type things for Reddcoin but have no idea how good they are and being a bit risk averse I would prefer to wait for an official release


I resuscite this thread as I am interested to get a wallet where I can see my RDD transactions. (I am on android, but I can understand people wanting an iOS wallet too).

As far as I understand, I can only follow my QT wallet trx on my pc where my wallet is installed.

However I would love to follow my wallet status (incoming trx, amount in wallet and active addresses at least, availability to do trx in a second phase).
Are we far from a wallet of this kind ? I remember the reddcoin introduction video speaking of mobile devices. Can 2.0 be installed on android ?

Will wallet 2.0 allow such interconnection ?

I found this :

is it safe ?
Does it really take into account Reddcoin as PoSV or still as the ancient Reddcoin PoW ?

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Gnasher uses Coinomi if I remember correctly

reddibrek DeadPool
Coinomi is gaining popularity in the broader community.
I am running and using on my phone
I would love for someone to step up and help create a dedicated wallet for Reddcoin on android and ios wallet…
But in the meantime, Coinomi seems a viable option

Gnasher I’m a graphic designer and would be interested in designing or contributing to the user interface, if anyone’s interested. PM me if you’d like to see some of my work.

Big_Map_Idea also get in contact with DeadPool, he is maintaining a Trello site listing all activities that people can get involved in.