Another small contest and product of the month

  1. We’ve put up this month’s product on
    Check it out. Reddcoin accepted.

  2. Small contest. Retweet this for a chance to win 10,000 bits! Two prizes. Winners randomly selected on March 15th.

Basically, for those that didn’t click the link, in March we have a book that teaches everything needed in order to take advantage of the growth of certain cryptocurrencies.
Based on the feedback that I forwarded to the authors in the last few days, the series name has been changed to be more accurate and the prod. desc. updated.
Check it out on
Also know that we’re looking for collaborations for next month’s product. The only requirement is that it has to be something interesting for the cryptocurrency communities.

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We’re pivoting and at this moment we also accept payment by Paypal. It’s either this or close the business; from the feedback we received, even people that have Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies prefer paying with Paypal. It’s a said reality but it’s true. So anyway, the featured product of the month on is a book:

“Give yourself a chance at becoming wealthy by discovering cryptocurrencies with great potential before everyone else”. The book is written by the main author from Gamblers United (, with help from two other early investors and developers. After reading the first chapters you’ll be extremely up to date with all the technologies available at the moment when developing a cryptocurrency. It will even go over the ones that are theoretical and not yet implemented. The book uses modern retention techniques in order to make sure that you are actually able to use this knowledge, not just forget 95% of what you read after each page. I won’t lie, this is the hard part. Everything is well explained though and I was able to go through the information in the draft without losing hope. The authors debate which of these technologies offer the most value and try to rank them. Then the real fun begins: you’ll receive the rest of the tools and information that you need in order to identify the next hyper growing cryptocurrencies and support their bubble. Some will be worth pennies at the moment but will have huge potential of hitting it big. You will look at real life examples: things that have been done in the past in order to support or devalue cryptocurrencies; no one is talking about some of these methods. You will become an expert in the field. As part of the thesis that you are recommended to write while completing this book, the authors will lead you to analyze certain cryptocurrencies yourself and discover if you can spot the winners and the losers. Then they will put you to action to actually make money off the winners. But they won’t be winners forever. The competition is huge, new technologies appear all the time and some cryptocurrencies are not able to evolve fast enough. For this reason, it will help you decide when to cash out. Selling at the right moment is of extreme importance. The book won’t be an analysis of existing cryptocurrencies that are making obvious waves already (f.e. Ethereum), but it will also teach you how to look into existing dapps and see where there’s money to be made.

Other entities that might be interesting:
GoBelle: - jewelry company that accepts cryptocurrencies
Custom.Digital: - software and web/mobile app development company that accepts cryptocurrencies

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The crypto phenomenon is interesting.
One of the goals of Reddcoin is to promote the usage and movement of coins.
A part of the problem is the landscape is also full of a lot of speculators who purchase with the hope of getting rich long term.

My suggestion is to continue to promote the usage of crypto, the industry is still new (and yeap, I can remember the early days of paypal. it was not an overnight success).


We’ll keep promoting it for sure. For example at the moment we’re giving away one prize of 100,000 bits. Whoever is interested, check out our twitter at ProductMonth

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