Any reddheads vape or use e-cigs?

I was just wondering if any of my fellow reddheads vape. I quit smoking a while ago now and have been super into vaping/e-cigs ever since. Also, if you are interested in vaping feel free to ask me any questions. I’m great at helping newbies get started ;).

Twists I’m looking into that actually, a new vapor station opened up near me. I REALLY want to quit smoking and having been trying out the Blu brand. I’ve noticed folks with the glass “pack” vapor inhalers, really like the flavors Blu offers. Any brand you’re recommend?

For about two years now, also the only thing to get me to stop smoking for good :slight_smile:

Im into it, for sure. Helped quit smoking actual cigs. Here is some of my setup (Im not big into mech mods)


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YouCanDoAnything I have to say this: Looked like Dildos…!

Oliver said:

YouCanDoAnything I have to say this: Looked like Dildos…!

umm… okay? I dont really have a response for that. lol

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YouCanDoAnything I was at a first gance… You know that in Portugal the Tabaco is not costly as in the rest of the europe or America…

We don’t see to many people using this devices on the street… :wink: