Any way to bring Japanese friends on board?

Via this site’s “Tweets about reddcoin,” I saw several Japanese tweeting on reddcoin. They seemed quite interested in reddcoin. (I am guessing because I read some of the tweets by using Google translate, which basically converts word to word.)

Moreover, Japan has made Bitcoin a legal payment method. That means the government is (very) friendly to cryptocurrency. Japan’s Bitcoin Law Goes Into Effect Tomorrow.

And also that twitter is extremely popular in Japan. Since reddcoin’s tipping functionality is ready for twitter, I am wondering if there is any way to bring Japanese friends on board… If Japanese adopt reddcoin for tipping on twitter (which is ready as of now), it is something close to or actually is massive adoption.

EDIT: It just occurred to me that “doujin” in Japan may also be an important factor for the aforementioned massive adoption. If we can somehow trigger the tipping action among doujin artists and fans, it would be the perfect scenario that reddcoin is (at least originally) designed for.

Great research!