Anyone interested in Reddcoin faucet?

Hey fellow reddheads!
About two years ago, I ran a Reddcoin faucet (it looked like this), but then I somewhat lost interest in cryptocurrencies plus Google banned my adsense and I no longer wanted to run a website on my costs.

Now, when I see the ongoing development and recent price hikes, I thought about running a faucet again, just for the sake of new people interested in RDD. I didn’t see a good looking RDD faucet which is not full of advertisements, so why not having a pretty one?

My idea is following:

  • I am going to run a website on my costs again
  • No Google adsense, probably a RDD or crypto-based advertising in exchange for RDD donations
  • Faucet funds based fully on donations (becauseI am no longer holding 850K as I did in the past)
  • Transparent donations - every donation is going to be used in the faucet for payouts!

The question is:
Is anyone here interesting to spare a few RDD into the faucet? Or anyone interested to advertise on the site for RDD?

Hit me up with a PM if so, or if you have any idea with the faucet.

Imro According to your previous experience, how much reddcoin is needed for the faucet to give away for, say, 3 months?

Back then, the reward was 50 RDD.
As for now, I’d say the reward should be 0.5 - 1 RDD max… Or maybe a random reward based on dice similar to

And still I don’t really know how much is it going to be daily.

I am not sure about this, I’d rather see suggestions from those who’d like to participate.

EDIT: I can send you a file containing a list of my wallets’ transactions, it was hundreds of withdrawals within 6 months with a minimum of 100 and maximum about 2500 RDD per withdrawal.

I’m in mate

we created a telegram group and we need someone from Support and Pr there whith us

we really need someone from DEV team. We are more than 70 peoples wait for someone to come and talk whith us…

cri79pop said in Anyone interested in Reddcoin faucet?:

we created a telegram group and we need someone from Support and Pr there whith us

I guess this doesn’t have anything to do with topic, does it?

ugofred87 said in Anyone interested in Reddcoin faucet?:

I’m in mate

One’s enough, mind if I PM you and ask you about your opinions on some details within the faucet? Two brains are better than one.

No mate I don’t mind.

This facet was posted on another topic:

Perhaps the giveaway amounts can be made similar to those of the above facet. If you set the facet up, please also provide us a donation address, I would like to donate some reddcoin to support the operation of your facet.