Anyone think a KICKSTARTER style website, that supports crypto be a good idea?

I had a dream basically, and I dreamed about me making a website that became a kickstarter that accepted crypto currencies, like reddcoin, wonder if this is somthing people would love to see.

there are a couple of bitcoin based kickstarter sites currently.
I think an option here would be to be .able to support multiple crypto

Gnasher thats my point, If i do this I will want this, since i would be unique. Im a entrepreneur, so I seek out week spots, and see opportunity in many places. but it would be hard to strt, since it cost alot of money to start such a progamme

Reddcoinnoob have you seen what others are doing in this arena?
i think there is still potential to provide a good service over and above what has been done already

Gnasher no, can you send me links, i would like to see more that can be done, to ahve that competing edge.

If i go thru with this, i may need the communities opinions, and also yourse sicne i belive you are the a dev for reddcoin? or you are the one that made reddcoin ?