Anyone up for making a RDD tipping week?

Just like the old days, all we need is:

Finding something to promote, maybe the PoSV system and the green aspects. I think being an eco friendly coin is something we should celebrate. I am personally into Reddcoin because it needs much less energy to sustain the network. Any other ideas?

Making some posters, I dont have the skills for this unfortunately, we could maybe integrate some of the posters made some time ago on this forum with the quotes? Is the person responsible for the last tipping week posters still around?

With Bitcoin rising, I think now is a perfectly fine time to start sharing our coin. In the newsletter Jonathan said the rise of bitcoin could correlate positively with Reddcoin, lets make that happen!!


Great idea…POSV Velocity…movement…move some coins


We could talk about who we tip and why. Maybe link to some content creators that we like.

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Yes! Like the good old days!! I’m in!


I posted the wordpress plug in to a small community forum that I am a part of…so I think if we reach out to the people we know…it might be a good thing,
Contacting the communities we are all a part of anyway.

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Count me in

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Maybe we should wait till we get new lead developers, and then use the tipping week as a timely promotion for the rebirth? :slight_smile:

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