Hi Guys,

I just wanted to provide a quick update on my apparent absence these last week or so.
My middle son was admitted to ICU last Monday with life threatening illness.
They found that the small intestine had become blocked due to complications from earlier surgery. The blockage was caused by the small intestine twisting on itself (think of a sausage from the butcher and how they twisted them), and this had caused the small intestine to become further damaged.
To resolve the problem he was admitted for emergency surgery and resulted in needing to remove 100cm of the small intestine.

The surgery was very successful and he is now home and on the mend.

Suffice to say, my focus during this time has been on supporting him, and making sure he has full recovery.


John just take all the time you need. It sounds horrible what you and your son have had to go through. I’m just glad you found the time to make this update, the Reddcoin community is of course supporting you no matter what.

Best wishes


Cheers Redd
In my moments of downtime, i am still achieving small things…
Hard to keep an active mind down :slight_smile:

Best wishes on your son’s recovery, my thoughts are with you.


Best wishes, we hope your son will recover completely soon.


I hope your son will be in good health soon.


Как говорится, главное здоровье, а остальное приложится. А в связи с болезнью сына, очень хочется пожелать, побольше здоровья и скорейшего выздоровления. Чтобы сын был полон сил, и его иммунитет поднялся на невиданную высоту и никакая зараза его больше не взяла!

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Wishing your son a speedy and successful recovery. My thoughts are with you and your family.

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A little late, but hope your sons recovery has been successful.

Gnasher Скорейшего выздоровления сыну. Когда что то в семье не в порядке, то думаешь только об этом.

John, it is obviously normal to take care of your son, no need for apologies.
i wish your son the best recovery possible and for you to rest and continue to take care of him.

I have been in slightly the same situation the last two weeks, my best friend (i see him as my brother) have been under a double graft but only 50% successful. So i try to support him as much as I can from 250km afar.

Best wishes!

I wish your son a good recovery.