Ask not what Reddcoin has done for you, but what you have done for reddcoin

I thought I would start a post to see what people have done towards either the reddcoin project, community, promotion or anything like that.

This is not a post to say “you have done nothing for reddcoin” rather the opposite, to give people ideas and get people into the mindset that they don’t have to sit back and wait for a dev to post an update, they too can do things for themselves.

Let me know your stories and experiences, anything such as " I told some friends down the pub one friday night" or “I wore a reddcoin T-shirt while running a marathon” is fine, you don’t have to have changed the world.

I shall start, I made a rdd ticker and reddcoin companion chrome extensions and I introduced a friend to reddcoin.

I hope your stories are a little more detailed and interesting than mine :stuck_out_tongue:

Great idea…

I run a euromillions lottery syndicate with 7 friends. We put all winnings from each four week block into reddcoins. THis means all 7 of these people now have a small interest in reddcoin (over 1 million each now). Although none of them are active in the community, its regularly discussed amongst our group.

I also set up a facebook giveaway page, which although I have barely done anything with, I intend to promote it more and set up some donation addresses so that we can give away reddcoins to anyone who likes the page.

The intentions are to integrate my plans I have with the domain - I do not want to give anything away on this as its purely a plan at the moment, seeing as I have no coding skills, I would like to find somebody to assist with that side. The integration would be, the small fee that would be charged (in reddcoin) would then become funds to promote the giveaway page and fund other projects.

If any developer is interested in coding the site for me, I would love to speak with you…


As my technical skills are minimal,I keep to word of mouth type stuff, I try to bring up crypto in general as much as possible with people who wouldn’t have any involvement or knowledge of the subject. The main problem is at this stage most people have at least heard of bitcoin, however, usually in bad light i.e silk road/ stolen coins etc as these are the stories which hit main stream news headlines.

I usually, and will continue to, try to suggest the benefits and potential of RDD - tipping etc. the majority of people seem uninterested and are under the impression that you need to be some sort of computer wizard to get involved. Some do come back for more of a chat and asking questions, which is always good!

Hopefully this isn’t too off topic, but it would be great if there was somewhere, like a portion of this site, for the absolute beginner i could give them the link for a quick read. I’m talking about explianlikeimfive type stuff where the basics of -

-What reddcoin is / how is can be used
-The benefits of being involved with reddcoin
-How to get involved with reddcoin

I know all that information is here (and if you search for it, but for someone who just wanted to know a bit about what I have been yapping on about for 20 minutes could be easily scared off by any technical jargon ( POSV, beta wallets, RDD V1.4.1.0).

Is there somewhere like that i have been missing?

i think it would help get more people at least informed that reddcoin exists and make them familiar, even if they don’t get involved right away, maybe then when they see RDD tip buttons appearing on social media, they will know a little about what it is and be more interesting in getting involved.

Got off topic a little there - to get back to the point, I continue to bring up RDD in conversation as much as possible. Its not much, but if gets even a few people involved, its a win!

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Not surprised how little has been posted here, compared to the amount of people who have been throwing the negativities around…

Please like the page I set up, and share it like crazy! Once we get a following ill start to give some of my own coins away to the likers…

Reddcoin Giveaway

I have been occasionally reminding the Chinese exchanges & payment processors about the upcoming Reddcoin features


livefromheaven I wrote to the new Japanese exchange Zaif yesterday. Nothing back yet!

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