Augur in beta

With Augur entering beta, wouldn’t be interesting to post a market regarding reddcoin ?
From the 107 market available right now, none is about reddcoin.

That would be a good way to be able to follow the trend of it. But I ha ve yet to understand the mechanisms of Augur…

What do you think ?

DeadPool I just had a quick look at the site, and the related documentation. I do need to digest it a bit more, but on the surface, it looks like it could be something interesting for Reddcoin to participate in.

I know you are one who likes a visual, so you should have a look on this following page.
I quite like the layout of the diagrams, and might try to adopt similar.

Interesting indeed. You can always send me your drafts and I can try to cook up something from them :wink: