Awesome new Raffle plugin!

Hey, so I’m hoping with Reddcoin: the Game, we could get a bunch of new people interested in Reddcoin. I was thinking of a way to get them free RDD to start, but to also have them spread the word on Reddcoin to their own social networks.

Enter RaffleCopter, a new Raffle plugin where you can create easy raffles and incentivize people to share socially for greater chances of winning. I have started the first raffle here, and you can enter to win! The one caveat is that the plugin requires you to “login.” I just tell users that if they want to remain anonymous they can put a fake name and fake email, as long as they enter their RDD address correctly :stuck_out_tongue:

I also encourage you to make your own raffles and put it on your social networks/websites etc! It’ll help spread the word!

m3ndi3 Ha ha! Great initiative!

I joined the raffle, tweeted, etc.

It’s great when people pool their resources and ideas here. This is not the first time I’ve discovered a useful service that I didn’t know about, thanks to the Reddcoin community.

In a few weeks I will use rafflecopter to offer a free hamper from reddibreks !

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Nice Idea :slight_smile:

I entered my email as how awesome would it be to have an address like that… hint hint laudney

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reddibrek Nice! Can’t wait!!

The first winner of the raffle is Noah Wetjen! Congrats!
If anyone else is feeling inspired, tip him here: RqBvJvGWmUb9Sfkq5RkE4mUoRQfvfJEWFT
Next raffle will begin Feb 1st!


m3ndi3 cool, just sent him some RDD