Banks playing tough

Received an email this morning from the Director of a European Bitcoin startup, received through a Brussels Bitcoin Meetup mailing list.

He says that his existing banking partner has decided to close their relationship.

Every other bank he has gone to has flatly refused to work with his company.

A list of these banks:

BNP Fortis

This is what we are up against.

I love a challenge!

Luckily bank of Reddcoin is open for everyone :wink:


reddibrek He/she may wish to try CSAS Bank in Prague, Czech Republic. When you make fiat deposits to Coinfloor you discover that’s the bank they use. Also Estonia may be a good bet too. CSAS address Olbrachtova 1929/62, 140 00 Praha 4-Krc, Czech Republic

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henry said in Banks playing tough:


Thanks henry - thing is they need cash handling in Belgium - a branch in which they can deposit cash on a daily basis.

So the need someone/thing that will accept cash and return a bank transfer. That doesn’t have to be a bank. Maybe some creative thinking needed. They need to get matched up with another business that needs to get a lot of cash out of the bank and net off the transactions so that cash changes hands without involving a bank.

Since my last post I’ve spent the day watching replies come in to this mailing list.

There have now been some promising-sounding proposals, from people working in Bitcoin businesses mainly.

Looking forward to making it to one of the Brussels Bitcoin meetups soon!

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