Bitcoin fees must remain low for micropayment applications

Published on 8 March 2016.

This is a good point,
based on test done by bmp02050

Generating a transaction with 2016 inputs resulting in a transaction ~300KB (rounding)
This is pretty extreme btw

This causes the tranasction to reach the lower threshold for size and resulted in a TX fee of 0.299satoshi

The equivilant exchange to USD

RDD :: 0.299(sat) = USD 0.000009492

In this scenario, transacting RDD for micro-tipping solutions becomes a very atractive alternative to BTC

Gnasher Those 2016 tx’s are all for .25 RDD too. So, in theory, most tipping done with Reddcoin are going to be >1 RDD and will incur smaller fees and smaller block sizes. In addition, those who get lots of inputs to the same addresses can still send from them without worry of incurring such large fees. I’d gladly send a few thousand RDD with a 1 RDD fee from multiple inputs. This would work great as well for “gambling [dice]” sites, gaming (which I’m getting back into), tipping, putting messages on a blockchain, or just using the underlying blockchain tech without fear of spending stupid amounts of money on the “mining” fees…

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“Viva la Vida”

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the golden ticket for RDD is to transmit small satoshi units of value faster and cheaper than BTC.
doing well so far.

the trick is stable well supported market and BTC is basically doing the promoting by costing +20000satos per TX and taking +60min to confirm.

remember to do fine tune trading of RDD in ltc, doge, or uno
and keep the btc prices well supported and very slow moving spot price (if not nearly fixed rate of exchange)