Bitcoin price surge and possible ways to get newcomers to the crypto scene to take part in Reddcoin

A new bubble seems to be emerging, well at least if you ask the guys at /r/bitcoin, they are back to moon theories and so on after many years of silence. Many of us, my self included, have been in the crypto universe for many years, and have seen at least one bubble draw in a crazy amount of new people and media attention. My post is about trying to use this new crypto attention to Reddcoin’s advantage. I personally started getting into bitcoins in 2011 and later went on to Vertcoin (a POW trying to fight ASICS), Monero (a way to transfer money privately) and Reddcoin, Reddcoin was the one I stayed with however.

I have stayed with Reddcoin for two main reasons, the first is that I am very much against the idea of POW. I think it is silly to spend huge amounts of mining power whilst making it impossible for most people to mine the coin. POSV is a energy efficient way to secure a network whilst sharing the rewards(5% of holdings a year) which seems more equal. The second is, that I think online tipping for content, is an enormous untouched area on the internet. It is virtually impossible now (a good argument for this is how it hasn’t happened yet), Reddcoin will be able to fill this gap by circumventing third-party solutions and making tipping regardless of website easy.

I think that Reddcoin in these ways is rather unique, I know Reddcoin isnt the only coin with similar goals, but I personally think Reddcoin when Social ID arrives will be the best contender, even better than Bitcoin for micro transactions and day to day use.

So now I have two questions:

Why are you here? what is the reason for you to believe in Reddcoin?

How do you think we can get these reasons to be heard by the upcoming newcomers to the crypto scene? We may be able to increase the Reddcoin community many fold, and have even more Reddcoiners than the golden days following its’ inception.

best Reddgards

To awnser your question as to what makes me support reddcoin.
I been in crypto world for a while now, i would say 5 years, but the onluy coin so far that has cougth my attetnion, more then btc was reddcoin.
it is because i saw the advantages of the posv, but also know in the end btc will eventually die for its own flaws.
the other reason was this community, I see a sence of support, and ideas that make this very interesting.
I also liked the idea of social currency, but i also have plans to bring this coin to be seen as a community coin( raise funds for non profits thru staking) thus giving a better name to the reddcoin community, jsut as dogecoin did a sponsorship for nascar and ther things. So in the beguining i was mixed up with all these alt coins, and couldn really could support one fully, but reddcoin so far has been the one i am willing to invest 1000$