Block Chain Technology Article from Reddit /u/mWo12

Bitcoin was the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network. A pandora’s box was opened and now the Bitcoin Blockchain, has inspired similar innovation in this space.
Multinational banks have expressed avid interest in blockchain technology, evident from press releases, start ups, incubators and accelerators funded by them. What they want is
“a cryptographically verifiable settlement and clearing systems that are globally distributed for resiliencey and compliant with various reporting requirements. And the governance of both network and software is clear and explicit.”
What Banks and Fintech mainstream media are really talking about are ledgers. Ledgers that can be grouped depending on their characteristics – distributed, decentralized, centralized, shared, permissioned, permissionless, public, private.
“cryptographic signatures and public keys can be chain-linked to form an unforgeable record of transactions for, say, digital cash (or any ledger record for that matter). Crypto proof replaces the notary.”

Redshift it is interesting to see the direction the banks are taking. Some have gone onboard with Ripple.
In Australia, it seems banks are running as fast as they can from Bitcoin/Blockchain despite government supporting the fledgling businesses. There is even some noise about anti competitive behaviour being used by the banking industry. I am sure (locally) that they are interested in the technology (blockchain) as it makes a lot of sense. To say they are concerned that they risk losing business would not be putting too fine a point on it.

The only way forward is for us (the people) to keep using crypto and use it more, and fiat less.
Take the risk not to exchange back to fiat
I imagine a point in the not too distant future where there is no need to exchange between fiat and crypto. That is, there is no linked value. The users are happy to use crypto at its face value, and businesses happy to receive it.

Too much emphisis has been placed on the $$$/BTC value by “investors”. And i use that term loosely, as my belief is that it is not investment in the true sense of the word.

What is needed in the crypto environment it to make it as frictionless as possible.