Block generation

I have a question regarding block generation.

As far as I understand, for PoW coins, blocks are generated via the mining process. For PoS coins, blocks are generated via the minting/staking process. Is there any other way to generate blocks?

I am asking this question because I am currently encountering a situation in which only few active nodes/wallets on the coin network. Let’s say, there are only 8 nodes. Each on of them has a wallet staking on one set of coins. However, for a set of coins generated via staking to mature, it takes, say, 20 blocks. As a consequence, after each of the 8 nodes/wallets doing its own staking, the whole network stops because no new block is going to be generated because every one is waiting for the newly minted coins to mature. Apparently, the network will stop forever. In this case, no transaction can be done, right?

Am I right to think it this way? Or there are other mechanisms to prevent such a situation from happening? Or we can manually do some block generation (even useless, empty block) to keep the whole blockchain moving?

ycz By default connections will never be higher then 8 peers for the QT wallet. There are most likely many more nodes then just the ones you are connected to. Staking is the only way to generate blocks the same way mining is the only way for a PoW coin. I have 2 wallets that are on all the time and they both have very low amounts, that would make me 25% of the network and rarely staking if there were only 8 nodes.

iisurge Thanks for the reply. The “8” in my original post is just a random number. The actual situation I am facing is like 4 nodes. Yes, the WHOLE network consists of 4 nodes. So… if for a PoS coin, staking is the only way to generating blocks and the mature time for a staking transaction is 20 blocks, then there must be at least 20 sets of coins staking to keep the blockchain moving.

ycz I think so but I could be wrong, I don’t know all the technical stuff of coin age and staking .

ycz said:

Yes, the WHOLE network consists of 4 nodes.

what network consists of 4 nodes?

BrownSlaughter I am playing… so… a private network. :stuck_out_tongue:

iisurge I understand. I am just doing experiments.

So… regarding the “critical mass” in another thread
If every node has only one set of coins, then there must be at least 20 nodes to make the blockchain moving…

ycz ah ok I thought you meant the reddcoin network lol

BrownSlaughter lol I am trying to understand the properties and characteristics of blockchains (at least of the current implementation).

ycz that would make sense to me, but who knows there may be some super technical aspect to lower that number. Maybe a dev will read and reply with some info.