Once again I had to sync a Reddcoin client and the bootstrap file was really old. So I made a new one! Enjoy! Made it about 2 hours ago, so its pretty up to date.!Kp9SkDqR!1aTR4dPt9ybD7FklEAblCz-BNQ7wMItMBp4VCkeMzGY

tecopos Thanks.
We should try to create an automatic process. monthly would be good i think


Gnasher How hard would that be? Could someone just write a quick script or batch file to copy the file to a dropbox account once a month and put the link to the dropbox file as a sticky somewhere?

bmp02050 I cant see this being too hard.
With a bit of careful scripting it should be achievable
basically extract the blocks, compress, sign, upload.

Is there someone who would like to have a go at this?

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bmp02050 I am not sure about the difficulty but it would need to be secure, no one wants to bring down anything nasty along with the file so being careful is a must.

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I thought about this in the past but the solution i came up with wasn’t very elegant but really simple. A cron script could copy the blockchain to a folder shared via FTP, that’s it. It could be compressed (at the lowest possible ratio if using a RasPi) and self-extracting.

I may give it a go for personal use, but i have never done something like that under linux before.

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I have played around a bit with creating the blockchain
From a scripting point of view all of this could be done.

What is needed is a solid proof of who to trust. so that the compressed binary could be signed.
I dont believe this would be impossible.
And i would guess verifying someone PGP key ownership would be sufficient. along with a signed message containing the MD5 hash


I don’t mind doing it once a month… Just have to put up a calendar reminder :smiley: No need for scripts I think… Besides, would it possible to make one that closed reddcoind/reddcoin-qt, makes the file and reopens qt/d? Or is it possible to make the file while the client is running?

As for trustworthyness, I have a known address around on the forums that I can use to sign a message containing the MD5. I think I can also set up a PGP key.

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tecopos The file should be able to be generated while the wallet is running, No need to close
I have used this in the past linearize script in the past to generate the .dat file

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tecopos Just wondering if you took the opportunity to try this out?

I don’t mind doing it monthly, or better bi-weekly. It is part of my backup routine now so it’s for personal use, but i’ll upload a clean copy of the blockchain (without my wallet, peers and logs in it). Ultimately, it’s up to you whether to use it or not but it will save you a LOT of time, and if using a SSD you’ll save some wear (synching involves some insane I/O). Since personal tastes differ i’ve used both Dropbox and Mega.

Blockchain as of 09/04/2015:


MD5 checksum: 8f23657891e23808376827069edbd1d1

I can get it PGP signed and all if you want, even share it straight from my ReddPi - but ultimately it’s all based on trust. Maybe i could learn how to make of it an actual bootstrap file; for most of us it’s obvious how to use this and that’s actually a problem.

On a side note… we really ned to tidy up Reddit but the question is… can we?

EDIT: I included the “txleveldb” folder by mistake, will be fixed in about half an hour.

EDIT 2: Links and checksum fixed. The file only includes the “blocks” and “chainstate” folders.

Totally unrelated, the last 5 years of my life have been the shittiest ever and i usually spill negativity all over, so my bandwidth, a couple million RDD, my node and a little bit of my time is all i feel like putting into the project at this point - and i do believe it’s for the better. It may not be much as far as constructive criticism and brainstorming goes, but it’s better than nothing and helps me into thinking that i’m not “freeloading” with the community driven progress.

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Didi Hey Didi, greetings from England thank you for doing this, if you can save it to somewhere and change it even once a month it would be excellent.
Mega-or some other file hosting service would be great if they allow direct links to the file.
A good reliable Bootstrap is a good thing and I think its worth doing.

Redshift No problem, i’ll do it along with my backup routine and upload it to both Mega and Dropbox. The links i posted already work, next time i’ll open a new thread.

I’ll also see if i find any tutorial for creating a bootstrap.dat. A LTC one should do the trick i guess.

Couldn’t be easier… :slight_smile:

How to set up a Reddcoin wallet in minutes with the bootstrap method.

  • Download the QT Wallet from and insall it.

  • Download the file (links here**) and uncompress it. It is recommended to check the MD5 hash to guarantee its integrity.

  • Copy bootstrap.dat to your data directory. After the wallet has used bootstrap.dat, the file will be renamed to bootstrap.dat.old; at this point you can choose to delete it or keep it.

  1. Linux
    Reddcoin’s data directory is located in ~/.reddcoin/ by default. You can run ls -a to see directories that start with a dot.
    You can also search for the directory with the following command: find / -name wallet.dat -print 2>/dev/null

  2. Mac
    Reddcoin’s data directory should be located in ~/Library/Application Support/Reddcoin/.

  3. Windows
    Go to Start>Run (or press WinKey+R) and run: explorer %APPDATA%\Reddcoin
    Reddcoin’s data directory will open. “AppData” and “Application Data” are hidden by default in Windows.

  • Open the wallet; now it should catch up much faster - ultimately depending on the speed of your computer.

Most of the text is shamelessly stolen from a LTC wiki but meh.


MD5 checksum: 95faa8c04e5bd3ada5e48c6121b3fa98

Ii can create a new thread and updtate it every two weeks, but it’s not like i’m expecting a lot of downloads anyway…


echo off
setlocal enableDelayedExpansion

set REDDCOINDIR=%APPDATA%\reddcoin\blocks
for /F %%x in (‘dir /B/D/ON %REDDCOINDIR%\blk*.*’) do (
IF NOT [!B!] == [] set B=!B!+
set B=!B!"!FILENAME!"
copy /b %B% bootstrap.dat

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Didi Well done we probably need to do a CHECKSUM MD5 Hash Verification as in how to verify file integrity…I will look around and see if there is something that explains HOW TO


For Windows

This is just a quick google search for the tools…a complete tutorial may need to be written for Reddcoin

Perfect, i was just about to post some links as well. Missing linux, but it has a built-in checker:

On Linux;
cd Downloads (assuming Downloads is the path of the file)

This is the kind of thing that should be on the subreddit sidebar, and since we’re talking about reddit… do we have access to the admin accounts? :confused:

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I guess i’ll do a new thread.

Hey Didi are you still doing this ? I have a 24/7 cloud staking node that often has up to 100 connections. I just needed to generate an up to date bootstrap file for some sync performance testing. I could easily script a cron job to do this say weekly and drop it somewhere useful with a signed MD5. But I’m thinking it would be good if that can be independently validated by someone else too, Perhaps if two people generate to the same block height (pick a time in the week and use the current block height rounded down to the nearest 100) then each sign MD5s which should be the same ? Then we just have several people all doing this at the agreed time to the agreed block height and then supply a download script that does the MD5 validation across all available copies.

Need help for dummy…
How i create a wallet on reddcoin.? I dont know about this privat wallet’s, i just use coinbase etc.
I have a lot reddcoins but just on exchances… thank for your help.

CryptoHunter I suggest you repost your question on a new topic - this topic is discussing the Bootstrap file !