Bounties for merchant acceptance

How about giving bounties for merchant acceptance?

I like it but I think we need a super easy payment gateway first. Other then the 3rd party ones like litepaid which does not support usa

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Ryan A simple RDD->RDD shopping cart with SQL database and easy-to-use UI wouldn’t be too hard to throw together. It’s the cursed plastic money that is a pain the arse. Having to deal with regulations, payment processors, etc is such a nightmare. If there was a business that processed payments for Credit->RDD transactions then it would be a breeze, but we would need someone willing to invest in that business to get a payment gateway for non RDD->RDD payments. I’d love to develop a simple shopping cart style plugin for RDD-RDD transactions so someone who’s never used a crypto can just download and run the plugin, however, the 60 hours a week I’m putting in right now at work is killing me. 2 people quit and I’m stuck with their workload.


bmp02050 RDD->RDD gateway would be easy to make.

Since I’m in the process of making the cash out service “”, I could make it into that so merchant can accept Reddcoins, and also do a RDD->Fiat conversion.


Convertor That would be something I’d be interested in, but again, in the U.S. they require that you comply with a “Know Your Customer” and “Money Transfer Business” regulations. See:

bmp02050 Thats true, that might become a problem. I dont have the funds to get those.

Also, part of the reason codereddgames has not been doing anything for the last few months is that I’m looking for a RDD->RDD shopping cart and I need time to actually build and test out the game itself. The many ideas are there, but I wish I had the funds to throw together a team. If I ever with the lottery, I’m tossing a few hundred thousand towards Reddcoin LTD to hire some full time employees, starting a gaming company so I can make money playing video games, and buying a sweet house near a fiber optic connection and owning many servers for all sorts of stuff, from online storage to minecraft server hosting. Whatever floats people’s boats.

And now I want to create a RDD Lottery. Buy a 10,000 RDD ticket, draw numbers, winner gets them. Numbers can be picked by inserting them into the transaction.

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