Brainstorming - Ideas on how to get Reddcoin adopted?

Hello fellow reddheads! You probably all know by now that in order to get Reddcoin out into the world, we need people to get some coins and something to spend them on. The purpose of this topic is to gather ideas and find new ways to get those coins moving! They can be anything from websites, apps, events, raffles, you name it! We already have the tipping platform and faucets but feel free to suggest improvements to already existing ones as well. I’ll start by gathering some ideas from topics and throw in a few ideas myself.

List of ideas on how to increase the adoption of Reddcoin:

Throw in your ideas and I’ll add them to this list! Mods sticky please!

I love the idea of a location based ARG. Unrelated to reddcoin, but have you hear of the Jejune Institute?

I think one of the best ways to get REDD out to the public would be splinting up the approach to different demographics. For example the gamer demographic is big and is tech ready for Reddcoin. To target them we could try and get to accept Reddcoin or more realistically Last i emailed them they said they where going to add Redd but its been a while so we should try and get them to accept reddcoin. Once we do this we need to promote Reddybet(if we could get them to run tournaments), one way we could do this is by fundraising some 5M redd and getting a popular CS:GO streamer to promote and the fact you can buy games with coins,5% annual interest, and tipping . This would create a closed loop economy for gamers! They would earn redd through tournaments/betting (and of course the other ways the general Reddcoin economy works, POSV, tipping, buying, ect) and spend it to buy steam games (some go for 5$ so its not to crazy to save up enough).


Hey, thanks for the shoutout! After the holidays are gone and I finish my move to a new home, I’m going to start delving into coding games. I’ve got Unity 3d already installed and ready to go, a few ideas to get the project moving forward, and just need to put together a few more pieces before actually creating a proof of concept program to verify that the basics of the game work. After that, it’s all about creating pretty graphics, adding cool features, and, well, ALL the work that will go into creating a game.

I’m also going to have access to an embroidery machine or two (and with my previous working knowledge of embroidery from Vermont Teddy Bear Factory), so I can start putting the RDD logo on EVERYTHING I can get my hands on. So… T-Shirts, Hats, Hoodies, patches, pants…I’ll have to ask my wife’s grandma (who’s machines they are) just exactly how they work so I don’t break anything. Pretty sure that I can just upload an image and it spits out the artwork… Once I get a few things made up, I’ll post them and sell for cost + very small profit so the wider audience can buy bulk and make money too.

Too many neat, fun, awesome projects, far too little time in the day to work on everything I want to. #sigh, cela est la vie

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bmp02050 Are you trrying to make one big game? Or a bunch of little ones?

Naro My intention is to build a company that makes games. Think Blizzard, but for Crypto based games. Going to start with a simple one first, mostly to test out the basic functions of the game, verify that RDD transactions work okay, make sure the game server, db server, and rdd server are stable…Then, once the basics are in place, begin a new chapter in gaming. Screw “in game gold” and the like. I want to create a thriving community driven economy within a game. I don’t want a “pay to win” game, but perhaps “freemium” to start. Free to play, you can still win, but using RDD can help speed up the process.

So, start small, dream big and if I build it, they will come…

I am a non-techie with some tech-fascination that always brings me into trouble because I am trying to do stuff I am normally not able to do. As I wrote in another thread, I tried to setup a Raspberry Pi because it is the best solution to mine and store Redd´s outside of my normal PC. Elsewhere I proposed to launch a ReddPi Project where we create a RPi with Reddcoin out of the box in a fancy shell and sell it at production cost level.

This is the RPi I created for Reddit Secret Santa. There is also a Wallpaper you may use for your own RPi :slight_smile:


Chat application in which you can tip reddcoins will be nice. We can ask to integrate reddcoin in their app. Plus tipbot on irc channel will also be nice.

When the Simplified Payment Verification electrum wallet will be perfectly easy to use on most mobile devices, browsers and tutto quanto, targeting the youngest audiences via their favorite social apps might be the fastest path to success.

I also believe in the virtue of a fast service that would turn RDD to cash (the reverse process of, which is implemented to turn cryptos to other cryptos in Such a service would pave the way to universal adoption if it enabled to convert small amounts of cryptos to cash in your bank account.

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