Bring de-centralized technology and our (current) centralized reality together

This is a concept, an idea based on ReddId. In my opinion this can be one of the next steps required to bring cryptocurrency to a wider audience.

My Idea is not an evolution of the reddcoin blockchain, the idea is more like an access-point to the existing blockchain. It’s something that needs zero changes in the core components of reddcoin. It’s simply a framework to make reddcoin usable to a wider audience.
Developers need a simple way to implement reddcoin into their services and websites. ReddApi is a good example how fast an easy to use API can attract new developers to cryptocoins. It led to a lot of new faucets, gambling sites and more useful services based on reddcoin.

Why don’t we just start with a development plan that is less specialized as crypto development and more interesting to a wider audience of developers? A project which brings us to a point when even more developers and end-users will use this cryptorcurrency.

The idea is rather simple but requires some good developers who have some experiences with the authentication algorithms out there.
Does someone know ? It’s a very successful service that enables websites and apps to easily implement User Authentication, with a cloud based user and role management, based on the widely used authentication standard “OAuth”.
When you login to a third-party website with your facebook or google credentials it’s OAuth. It’s the standard that enables us to connect different user accounts to one identity.

But to make it short. The idea I’m suggesting is to develop a cloud hosted authorization service / framework that enables every developer out there to easily integrate authorization, supporting any user account (Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, …). Those developers can also use services based on the user account related reddcoin address (like tipping).

The idea is simple. A website with a good REST (and maybe push) Api that can be used by any developer to integrate user and role-management into their apps and websites. This website provides a login mask compatible to any OAuth provider (like google or facebook).
After the first successful login you are able to connect other accounts and of course - a reddcoin address - to your profile.
That’s it! But… these connections between user accounts and the cryptocurrency can open the doors for a wide range of new reddcoin applications!
Tipping will just one of a lot of obvious use-cases.

The coding skills required to realize a project like this are much much lower than those required to develop new blockchain features!

This will be a centralized service. Something (maybe) against the decentralized ideology of the cryptocoin sphere. But it can be the needed centralized service to connect to the current systems out there.


Centralised, decentralised… the crisis in cryptocurrency is a chronic lack among community members of trust and good faith.

It’s a weird situation, almost as if the obsessive push towards “decentralised” feeds a pervasive and permanent distrust.

However, simply from an ideal perspective (and worthwhile technical challenge perspective) I don’t think anyone can make a convincing argument for centralised over decentralised. At least not in the context of what Reddcoin - the social currency - is trying to achieve. And I know you are not trying to make such an argument.

But incidentally, for some interesting arguments over centralised vs decentralised blockchain technology in different contexts, read this recent short article on Coindesk by Vitalik Buterin.

Anyway, regarding your idea: I say go for it and I applaud your enthusiasm. Like I wrote above, I reckon it’s good faith that is sorely lacking in cryptocurrency. We need that as a foundation on which multiple devs and entrepreneurs working on different levels and projects can build an ecosystem together.

Also, why don’t you get some more details together and have a chat with Gnasher about it? He’s currently looking at a range of development ideas.


thanks ReddcoinRocks and reddibrek
I just want to let you know i have read both these comments and it is encouraging to hear.
I will put some more thoughts down tomorrow… (i have just stepped in from a 24hr maintenance window and i am shagged).
Certainly I would like to share with you my thoughts and how we could possibly collaborate.
What you are suggesting has some overlap with what i want to achieve


ReddcoinRocks \ reddibrek

I have to agree with your comments, and i have been maintaining the same train of thought as i contemplate my next steps.
We dont need to do anything specifically to the block chain as it has been very stable. POSv in its current state is ok.
What is needed is an ecosystem to be built around it that allows easy integration and adoption.
I am all for collaborative developments.
What you are proposing is quite interesting and overlaps with what i have been piecing together.

To share with everyone, i have been following, reading and researching what Onename/BlockStore are currently doing for their proposal for an ID system. It is aiming to be decentralised, and they are currently in the transition from Namecoin to Bitcoin as the blockchain of choice. From what i have read, and been in discussion with I am of the opinion that we can also utilise some of the work they are doing, and even possibly layering in OAuTH could be a natural progression of ideas.

Further to that, i have been looking at ways to make it easier for users to get onboard and transact with reddcoin.
The current method effectively requires a back end server to connect to each social media (bot service)
I have started putting together a POC to make tipping a click and send operation using browser plugins.
We need people interested to acquire and use Reddcoin in the wild.

What I am hoping that can be achieved is a bunch of interest minded people can build and share ideas.
We dont need to be workign on the same projects, but if the projects overlap and share resource, so much the better
I am sure between us (everyone) there is enough talent available.

PM me when you’re ready, as I would love to discuss more 1 on 1

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