Bring your tip button to other forums!

Hey guys,
I’m not sure if any of you spend time on any BB forums, but here is BBcode for the tip button - just remember to put your address in it!


EDIT: Scratch that guys. This isn’t working. It goes to the Reddcoin Browser Wallet page even if you already have the wallet installed. :o(

I also tried:




But, both just open a blank page.

TheSciNerd this code is suposed to intereact with the Social Wallet or with the browser wallet?

TheSciNerd can you link here one of the forum pages with your signature, please?

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FaintinGoat Here you go:

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TheSciNerd be careful, i tried to tip you, it didn’t work. clicking on the button led me to the chrome reddcoin extension, not the wallet itself

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FaintinGoat Crap. Thanks for the heads up!

Thanks for the link OP
I added it in my sig and wanted to see if I did it correctly… so I’m posting here

hmm… I did not :frowning:


is the OP’s post wrong? I copied and pasted the full thing… even their address here (not in the sig one I tested)

ReddForum ReddcoinTalk doesnt use BBcode… I posted this for outside phpBB forums. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

I use firefox. (Chrome when Im testing the web wallet) Im wondering if its wise to paste these buttons which will probably just confuse anyone not using chrome, or doesnt know about reddcoin.