Browser wallet feature : Tip image generation

I think it would be beneficial to have the browser wallet generate an image “receipt” that people could add to there post. So for example if i tipped FaithInReddcoin 500RDD i could post that image in my post to make my tip public.

Or link to transaction?

The image could link to the transaction

Reddcoin I think that’s probably too technical for most casual users. I’m into crypto and I can barely figure out what’s happening in a transaction half the time :stuck_out_tongue:

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Naro I like that idea. A thumbnail image that auto-uploads to imgur and gives you the HTML that links to the transaction in Reddsight

The idea is interesting…but why?

I feel like dev time should be spent on technology that brings new people in rather than little features like this. Why do users need a receipt? They already know who they are sending redd to.

Twists Until ReddID’s come out its just a random string of characters. Posting one of those receipts would help fix the current situation.

A “receipt” is an exceptionally good idea. Ideally one that is publicly visible with zero effort by the tipper.

The BEST aspect of tipping through a tipbot is that it PUBLICLY posts that little confirmation so that everyone can see the tip was processed and makes the tip obvious. People are motivated to tip not only to help the tipper, but also to be publicly acknowledged as a tipper. For many people receiving a tip, the best part is when it is publicly visible that others have tipped you… it is recognisably a much stronger public acknowledgement than just posting a comment saying “nice job” and it feels nice to be acknowledged so strongly.

Seeing tipping occur also greatly increases the likelihood of tipping behaviour by the observer.

Building community recognition for the importance of publicly acknowledging tips will be critically important in determining whether Reddcoin succeeds in its goals in 2015.

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