Browser Wallet not recieving coins.

Just as a test I have tried a couple times to send rdd to the browser wallet. They never have been received. Even funds sent from a faucet which I know always made it to the qt wallet has not been received.

Same problem here…

Check in the blockexplorer to see if transaction confirmed.

Sebsebzen and Drakona the wallet is with some problems. This was already reported and is being woked out by Dev’s. The beta test version means exactly this…

Soon we will browsing like nuts! :smiley:


Oliver Eh was only 800 rdd. so not a big loss if is gone. Just until browser wallet is out of beta wont really be using it anymore.

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I had also experienced some issues in depositing coins.
I made a couple of small deposits for testing and they wouldnt show up ( but were in the blockchain).
To ‘force’ them to show, i made sure that i had a copy of the original ‘Wallet Seed’ used to create the wallet
I then deleted the wallet
then recreated the wallet by importing the ‘Wallet Seed’
My deposits were then available. yay!! All good

Finally i made one further test deposit just for triple checking, and they are showing as unconfirmed in the Browser Wallet.
I havent bothered to go through the process again as i am confident of their security based on the earlier testing

Hopefully an update will be issued soon to give everyone confidence
I am confident.
The Browser Wallet is kick @$$ … You have the power to help improve it


Hey guys, as long as you have your seed your coins are safe. For now only use small amounts for testing other wise they could get temporarily stuck due to bugs. Gnasher gave the best advice - delete and re-import with your seed if they’re not showing up. I’m working on fixing the bug now and will hopefully have a better version out shortly.

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I did the delete and import method and they showed up. then it said I had too many in tip jar, so tried to see if it would send them to one of the other addys like savings. Have to check to see if it ever did or not.

I received coins using my browser wallet to RkaREpqwH2mkLMWqVeAF7iwvHuDY78bQ9H. The coins received in the first transaction of 1 .5 RDD are showing correclty in my balance. However the next incoming transaction of 21.7 RDD are not showing up after rebooting my computer, despite being clearly visible on the blockchain.

I don’t actually care if my problem is solved personally, this is just feedback to assist the developers.

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