Browser wallet will not send or receive Reddcoin...

The Chrome browser wallet was working fine for me earlier. Now, though, it is not sending or receiving Reddcoin. I’ve tried to delete and restore using the seed, and the old balance comes up (so I know that it restored correctly). When I send, it tells me that it was successful, but, after waiting a long amount of time (more than 30 minutes), it doesn’t deduct from the balance or show in the history. When I try to receive, it shows in the blockchain as being confirmed, but it doesn’t show in the balance (or history). I’ve tried restarting the computer, restarting Chrome, and, as I said earlier, deleting and restoring the wallet. I don’t have much on there (~10k), due to the fact that it’s a beta, so it’s OK if they’re lost, but I’d rather not lose them, though!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

hale6 Thanks for the report. It will be fix in the next version, check here.


Can second this… was trying to tip someone from this awesome forum, but every time I put in my password, it would refresh but the password input box would just show up again. Should have tested this first before I sent more RDD to it -_- How do I backup my seed?

m3ndi3 seed and password are not associated. You can have 3 browser wallets based on the same seed with 3 different passwords.

If you forget the password you can always reset wallet. Make a new wallet through the seed and set the new password. On and on and on! :stuck_out_tongue:

The other way around is not possible (Password)

Seed equals to funds difectly! Only on Browser wallet!

Oliver Awesome! Thing is, if I put the wrong password, it refreshes and tells me “incorrect password”… If I put the right password, it refreshes but nothing happens :confused: