Building awareness without plain advertising (Brainstorming)

Looking at threads from the last months there are a lot of doubts whether SocialX will eventually become a real thing or if its just a word that has been used to make buzz. People also criticised that a whitepaper was announced months ago but was never filed. You don´t need to comment that this is due to the fact that developers are working on Reddcoin in their spare time, I know that, but still I think we may agree that from a marketing perspective this is a problem when spreading the word.

I opened this thread to brainstorm strategies to create both awareness and trust into the project. One very vague idea I had was streaming developers at work. I saw this months ago when I got into cryptocurrencies with Cloakcoin. Today the whole project crashed because the (large) developing team fell apart, but they had some good ideas. In the beginning they posted videos about what they did. It wasn´t really a lot, they didn´t even had sound on, click here, but still those videos made people aware of progress and updated on what is currently done outside of their normal forums. tralf posted a video of the browser wallet in the same style. However, I don´t believe this needs to be done with “finished products” or beta versions, it would probably also work with just showing work on the milestones.

This wouldn´t need much more than setting up a screen recorder and then recording about 5-10 minutes of work. Recording doesn´t take a lot of time, editing and publishing does. This work can be distributed within the community. I can do most of the video editing needed. Someone with a better sound equiptment could give a short update about what was done. To do this we don´t need more than a few lines from the corresponding developer and someone with some technical background can write a script.

If we manage to do this regularly (thinking about 14 days) on a scheduled time, this will give people trust and at the same time we can use the videos to create awareness.

But yes, this is only one idea and you may have better ones. Feel free to add your thoughts.

It’s great to have a brainstorming; I have some ideas for marketing campaigns on quite a large scale but these will be suitable for the release of future services I have in mind.

For the moment I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we need to hook up with eachother over a variety of social networks, in preparation for the new tip platform.

I like your idea - as you say dev tralf did this in the run up to the browser wallet release. Let’s see what others say.

One point on which it is important to be more accurate, though. Laudney specifically stated in public (to the community) and in discussions we have had in private, that he is reticent to release a detailed White Paper before most of the work is completed. He came to understand that this would be the safest way to proceed given that his concept and work really is groundbreaking and will give us a fully decentralised tip platform and other features, features that no one else has created and that we do not want to “give away” to competitors before we have made a significant advance on the work. So he announced that rather than go White Paper > development, he would release the White Paper when development is largely complete.


reddibrek Hopefully laudney can give us an update soon - I know he mentioned he was going to be posting them every couple of weeks

artiscience is very good to discuss ways in witch we can promote the coin.

The publicity over coding videos would serve just to have more searches on youtube… but if they are not commented why even bother? When I see a video I want to learn something from them not just see a guy coding. Showing an interface Like the browser wallet and explaining it that would be much nicer! :slight_smile:

There are curious people that want to know what is behind the PoSV2.0 (reddID, socialX) because it promises identification with dual security that is disruptive in these cryptoecosystems. There are too many people (clients) complaining about security problem.

The similar project that is under way to bring trust to bitcoin exchanges is Open transactions.

Something that will be offered from core (Reddcoin) instead of each service choosing to use it or not. I like the position of closed doors development mostly because with ethereum bitcoin community hated the idea and then integrated it. (something could happen to Reddcoin too)

Since we are on the verge of something new, we should be aware of code problems and vulnerabilities. So I would expect that once the White paper gets out, someone from dev team also comes with a time line to release a beta version after some 1 or 2 weeks, in order to get people interested in the project.

Documentation for developers is needed as we saw that some gaming houses were having troubles to understand how to adopt the API, but once we have that new baby tipping on social networks we will get quite the adoption by users. Some online services will see an opportunity of revenue by the technology.

I’m more with reddibrek when connecting ourselfs to the social media in order to push some important news from each. We will need a lot of presence. :slight_smile:

It would be a nice idea, but I feel the developers are being very hush hush and secretive about their work right now. Laudney said he won’t release the whitepaper until after it’s released, in fear someone will copy it, and a lot of development was taken off of Github. I get they are trying to protect their code and progress, but it would be nice to see transparency and openness :slight_smile:

For me this is a chicken and egg scenario
Everyone wants to see transparency and openness as it is a good thing.
But, consider
If with transparency and openness “EVERYONE” also knew how socialX would work and should be implemented
what is the attractiveness of staying Reddcoin?? Particularly if it is seen as a must have.

You can have the smartest guy working on something (socialX), but if that effort is exposed to all and could be moved to another project (forked to socialXCoin) with little effort than to copy and paste code, then that talent and expertise is lost.

We are in a competitive market (very), like it or not.
So everything is in the timing.

I think what everyone is wanting is updates. A touch point to validate things are moving forward.
This brings awareness and discussion


Yes, to me it’s not at all about finally seeing SocialX but the fact that there is no roadmap at all (referring to a time table) is a problem. I don’t feel able to advertise Reddcoin as long as there is no transparency over the next milestones.