Buy Reddcoins

Yes, Litebit is problem the last days. I’am going crazy because i cann’t buy reddcoins at litebit. Say i buy reddcoins at Bittrex, is it easy to send them to my reddcoin wallet?

I’ve used litecoin to shapeshift to reddcoin. Worked very well for me, transaction fees were very low using litecoin. If you have any digibyte or ripple, those would also probably be quick exchanges on shapeshift. They are currently backed logged on withdrawal and deposits with bitcoin and ethereum. Hope this helps. A quick and easy way for US citizens to purchase reddcoin would be this method. I use coinbase to purchase my initial cryptos to exchange.

To lay out how I did this more methodically:

  1. to purchase initial cryptos (I use litecoin)

The reason I use coinbase is because of the security of the wallet and the companies name and media presents.

  1. Go to to exchange your initial crypto for which one you would like to receive. (process is explained on shapeshift websites)

I’ve used ShapeShift dozens of times and have never had any issues what so ever. Very timely and prices are usually spot on to most major exchanges.

  1. Reddcoin to wallet

Once you complete shapeshift transaction, you can have them email you a confirmation receipt and than of course reddcoin allows you to view the blockchain for the transaction.