''By The Bridge Cafe in East London wants to accept Reddcoin!!

Ismail & Gurel are new business owners and they have asked me how they can accept Reddcoin for Coffee and cakes?
I of course have no idea how this would work beyond having a QR code with a wallet address at the till
If anyone has any advice or encouragement for them please post in this thread.
I took some pictures there this morning and as soon as I get them uploaded from my phone I will post them here. They need a bit of encouragement to do this so any help would be appreciated.
I am posting Hande’s Reddcoin address up with the picture in another thread so if anyone wants to buy me a coffee with Reddcoin…It would be the first as far as I know!Description![Imgur](Ismail & Gurel") Hande is Ismails girlfriend and is the tech girl of the 3 and she sorted out their wallets for then I am going to get her to generate a new address just for Coffee

Great developments. I’m going to be following this thread closely.

Arggh…not sure how this picture thing is going to work…or how they would implement a payment system…but they would need some encouragement to do so…I said you can be FIRST…which is a pretty cool thing to be…I have no real idea how a POINT OF SALE system would implement in Bricks and Mortar! http://i.imgur.com/LawgONR.jpg



Hande’s first Reddcoin Address RoDnc8GKqnRri9YW4fj1k52gbj9Nz9MiZP

She can be reached at handeictgmail.com feel free to tell her how much you want to buy coffee with Reddcoin!


Hey, can I tweet this? Is that OK?

EDIT what is their Twitter account and yours?

That’s immence, I will defiantly go and have a cup of tea and a sticky bun there once mobile wallets are a out - really excited! Way to go By the bridge cafe!

reddibrek I dont… tweet but if you email Hande…I am sure it will be fine…What would be helpful would be a way for them to use it in their day to day…I have no practical experience with that.
You can all email them here directly if nothing else to express your support

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Are they interested in holding rdd? Or would they want to accept rdd and then instantly convert to fiat?

A Redd payment processor would be very handy to foster adoption Rdd -> FIAT, like ReddPay


Reddshift said:


Hey Reddshift. Thanks for the contact details. I wrote to Hande.

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reddibrek Perfect…she can see what you guys are doing…and maybe help Ismail and Gurel do it for themselves at the Cafe.

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Reddshift said:

I just sent her a Reddcoin Welcome 596c60ca3abe8c38adf8f9e6959241f9ae7b1d39117f9fe55c44225fb5bd2f20

I suppose in the most crude manner of accepting RDD, they could just keep a netbook or laptop behind the counter and advertise that they are accepting Reddcoin payments. Someone wants a cup of coffee, say they ask 40k RDD for example, they’d have to come in and use their laptop ( the customer) in the shop, copy/pasting the shop address from their website. Sounds like a long drawn out hassle, but I could see doing this easily in Starbucks, so why not? Within seconds they would receive the payment. Actually, customers that tend to come in and use wi-fi at the coffee shop are very easily facilitated to pay in Reddcoin when the shop owners put a “Reddcoin Accepted Here” tip button on their captive portal when one joins the wireless network.

Customer sits down, joins wi-fi and at captive portal screen copy/pastes address, sends 40k, and walks up to the counter. Would already have 1-2 confirms by the time you walk to get your coffee.

Actually the potential here is beyond allowing to pay with Reddcoin: You can offer customers to get pay-back with Reddcoin:

Whenever they buy a coffee they will receive 1000 RDD (currently about 0,10) as paperwallet. The wallet can be printed as fancy businesscards with a quick guide so people will keep it and eventually cash in. It can also have an expiry date. The owner may keep a copy and withdraw the fund after expiry date, so no Redds will get lost in Nirvana. This would work like a bonus card, only that you can use each and every “bonuspoint” and still it´s likely that they will come back.

You could also offer to sell Reddcoin on the menu (if that´s legal).

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artiscience Wow, that’s a great idea. Very intriguing! Every card has a unique wallet address. Reddcoin infrasture can be used to support the book keeping stuff (redeemed or not, etc). For customers not interested in Reddcoin, the bonus card can be used as common bonus or gift card, while some people may be curious and get themselves introduced to Reddcoin.