Cam websites eg periscope etc and reddcoin's biggest issue imo.

So far I’ve not seen anyone speak about this. I think there is huge potential for reddcoin, in this area. People should be able to tip people on these sites with ease, at the moment people are just asking for money via a bank account. Some sort of campaign aimed in this area would be great as they are world wide apps that have millions of users. If people were able to buy Reddcoin “easily” and exchange for real money “easily” this would skyrocket in my opinion the value of the coin.

Yesterday I decided to buy some bitcoin, it took me hours due to five or six sites simply not accepting my verification or card. I eventually went to localcoins. Exchanging BTC for reddcoin was far easier but i got a worse price. The biggest problem in my opinion is the ease of which people can get hold of Reddcoin. If the Reddcoin team were able to simplify the way people got hold of the currency and could exchange it. It could really take off. People want ease of use shy away from complicated longwinded processes.

I’d just like to add, the synching of a wallet for hours on end may also be an issue, I feel a lot of people simply will not have patience for a 5-10 hour sync. Yes there is a bootstrap option, but again ease of use should be a priority. An average person may be intimidated by have to mess around with this.

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I totally agree with your points here. Even for someone like me who is technically adept it took me days to get Bitcoin due to having to link and verify my bank account etc, the first time I wanted to buy some. I honestly feel like Reddcoin is ahead of its time right now. There will be a point when it takes people less than 10 minutes to get their hands on Bitcoin the first time out and it will be so simple kids can do it, but that’s a long way off. But, like you, I think some place where people can buy RDD easily and with multiple forms of payment and have it sent right to a wallet will be needed to take this coin all the way mainstream.