can i do a reddcoin raffle draw in this site?

i am going to setup a reddcoin mini lottery for fun, actually i wish for a mini lottery in reddcoin for everyone, rather than high-cost gambling.

this game is cheap to encourage newcomers to play.
just like pick 3, i mean the format.

(concept if passed)
there are 1000 tickets of each set (3 digits), can choose the number they want, but they can only buy 2 same numbers (different rolls), total 5 sets, it requires the set is completely sold out otherwise it will be delayed until that set had sold out, too.

price per ticket : 2 rdd.

total prize will be given out per set is 1900 rdd and rest of them are house edge.

first place (1 winner per set) = 500 rdd
second place (3 winners per set) = 200 rdd
third place (5 winners per set) = 100 rdd
fourth place (6 winners per set) = 50 rdd

that’s it!