Can Someone Explain Staking Rewards Please?

Does this mean I staked 6398.7068 and only received 18.9601468


When running the QT wallet and holding coins, you generate interest based on the number of coins you hold. So, if you have 1,000,000 RDD and stake 24/7/365, you will end up with 5% increase in coins, so 1,050,000 RDD after 1 year without purchasing any more.

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bmp02050 Thank You.

6398.7068 RDD (ending balance) + 18.9601468 RDD (5% of Whatever coins that were staking at the time) = 6417.66694685 RDD right?

Ok I was confused by the way it was deposited the 6444.3219 RDD sent threw me off and the fact that I didn’t see it in the QT wallet.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

fieromadreinc You should check out the Staking Simulator on the Reddcoin Wiki and when you have time read about how it works. Each time you successfully stake coin age and weight is reset. Its pretty interesting and I can’t pretend to understand it but if you dig into the WIKI you will find that if you keep your wallet open and unlocked for staking you will make more than if you only keep your wallet online sporadically. Up to 20% more. I can’t quite grasp the whole Network weight, Average weight, etc but I have noticed a few things.
I have shuffled my coins a few times because the QT wallet total and the Reddcoin.Rocks totals were different (because change addresses were being used) I did a self to self transaction to gather all my coins under 1 address. No one needs to do this I did because I wanted my coins all in 1 group and with the same address not grouped in a change address that I don’t know or cant see. There is limit for change addresses and if you have a problem and fail to back up correctly and often you may have issues(hang on let me back up)
Ok backed up 3 times 3 different places I should be good (running a beta operating system so you never know)Description

These are good places to start and you will go back and read it often as I have and still find you have questions. Here is a cool tool to simulate staking

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